Costa Rica reports unavailability of yellow fever vaccine

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The Costa Rican Ministry of Health reported on Friday (computer translated):

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The Ministry of Health informs that the parapharmacy in charge of importing the yellow fever vaccine will not make it available before the third week of February 2022. Given this situation, and in accordance with the Regulatory Decree on the International Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever, communicated to the population, as well as to those responsible for the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners and the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism in order to justify the non-vaccination of people who live in Costa Rica and who must travel to high-risk countries or regions, from January 21 to Monday February 21 of this year.

Yellow fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic fever.

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Symptoms of yellow fever (fever, chills, headache, back pain, and muscle aches) develop 3 to 6 days after infection. About 15% of people infected with the yellow fever virus will develop severe illness that can lead to liver disease, bleeding, shock, organ failure, yellowing of the skin (jaundice), and sometimes death.

Diagnosis is based on symptoms, lab tests, and travel history. The yellow fever virus is spread through the bites of infected mosquitoes.

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There is no medicine to treat or cure yellow fever. The yellow fever vaccine is the best protection against this disease.