Councilor Sal Ferro honors historic Huntington resident

Huntington City Councilor Sal Ferro paid tribute to Elwood resident Charleen Francis ahead of the Huntington City Council meeting on Feb. 1 for her role in local Huntington history . Charleen and her siblings joined the Elwood School District over 60 years ago. Charleen, a retired high school principal and guidance counselor, is currently a member of the Education Committee for the Huntington Chapter of the NAACP.

“Charleen is someone who has spent most of her life helping others while being a role model for children in her school and community. I wanted to make sure she knew we wanted to make a difference in her life, like she made a difference on Long Island,” Councilman Sal Ferro said.

“I am very honored to have been recognized by Councilman Salvatore Ferro and the City Council last night. It will be a fond memory and continued encouragement to keep moving forward in my efforts to shine a light on my community’s contributions in the past and in the future,” Charleen said on Wednesday.

Councilman Sal Ferro also announced that he would reappoint Charleen to the city’s African American Historic Designation Board.

In the photo, from left to right, Charleen’s brother, Lawrence King, Councilman Sal Ferro, Charleen Francis, Charleen’s sister-in-law Sandy Lane, Charleen’s brother, retired Supreme Court Justice Howard Lane, and Charleen’s mother, Hilda Lane , 97 years old.