Lawmakers Bontempi and Trotta organize emergency preparedness program

Legislators Stephanie Bontempi (Centerport) and Rob Trotta (Fort Salonga) recently held a community-open emergency preparedness program at the Northport Public Library. The training was led by Ken Kutner of the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management. Kutner has extensive experience in the field, including decades of service with the East Northport Fire Department in addition to his work with the county.

Some of the topics covered were the weather outlook for the area in 2022, building basic preparedness lists for homes and automobiles, ways to stay informed in an emergency, and how to volunteer with community organizations. ’emergency. Some attendees did not know what it takes to prepare for a variety of potential emergencies. Likewise, others have been delighted to learn that there are many free resources available to stay informed, such as handy cell phone apps related to emergencies.

“This training is really a must for everyone, even for those who think they are already prepared enough for what life has in store. I was surprised to learn that I needed to take some steps to improve my family’s ability to be prepared and have more peace of mind. It’s never too early to get these things in order,” Bontempi said. “If anyone has not participated in a program like this, it is highly recommended that they seek one out in the near future,” Bontempi added.

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