North Fork Area Transit $750,000 Ruling Filed by Madison County

MADISON, Neb. – North Fork Area Transit’s request for funding from Madison County has been submitted for discussion.

On Tuesday morning, NFAT requested $750,000 from the county to help purchase a building for offices and bus storage. $620,000 would be used to help buy property near Omaha Avenue in Norfolk.

Meanwhile, the remaining $130,000 would be used to set up flexible routes to the city of Madison, Battle Creek and Tilden to benefit the county with their potential funding, officials said.

NFTA has secured capital improvement project funding in the past, but since the funds are annual, they don’t know how much money they would receive next year. Currently, the NFTA building is unable to store the amount of space needed to match its expansion, officials said.

While some commissioners said they liked the idea of ​​expanding transit in the county, some were unsure of the price. Since the request is coming in the middle of the fiscal year, board members should take note of what money is still available to them and if funding could be provided.

“It’s not a matter of decision today, for us in any case,” said board chairman Troy Uhlir. “You’re right in the middle of the exercise. That’s the hardest part. I really think it’s a need and I think it would meet a need. So we have to think hard and look at this to understand how make this work.”

The commissioners have decided to make a motion to file the decision until April 26. The motion passed unanimously by a vote of 3-0.