A show hosted by three black women on this Texas news station illustrates what representation looks like

Living in a time when the portrayal of black people in the media is still need we love to see the faces sitting at the desk of this news station.

BET reports that local Texas news station KCEN — an NBC affiliate — has a show where its hosts are all black women.

The show – “Texas Today” – is led by Jasmin Caldwell, Taheshah Moise and meteorologist Ashley Carter, according to the outlet. Residents of Temple, Waco, Killeen and surrounding areas can start their morning listening to the news broadcast.

Despite being part of the trio herself, the KCEN hiring still feels surreal in a way.

“Growing up, I always saw all-white news anchors,” she said, according to BET. “I didn’t think there would ever be black newscasts. I knew there was always room for one, but I didn’t think I would see three African Americans – male or female – all the time, all at the same time. Not at all.”

Being part of a dream come true happened for Caldwell about five years after joining KCEN, but for Carter the news came pretty quickly.

“Maybe about three weeks to a month after I decided to come here, I got an email that Jasmin was going to join ‘Texas Today,’ which goes to show you’re one of all women.”

She continued, “It was pretty cool. I was like wow. It was just the icing on the cake. Not only being able to advance my career where I wanted to be, but being able to do it alongside those two -the.

During their time sharing the news with the Texans, the three anchors will now serve as an example to young black women that anything they want to achieve is truly within their reach.

“I just think back to when I was a young girl and I watched the news with my parents and I never saw anyone who looked like me. If I did, they were on the outside doing it. reports in the cold.