An Oklahoma news station sent a real helicopter to cover Tiger Woods’ reconnaissance trip to Southern Hills on Thursday | This is the loop

Okay, we admit it: we here at The Loop are card-carrying members of the Tiger Woods cult. Partly because he’s good for business (like really good) and partly because he has this. The presence. Magnetism. The skill to back it up and the performance to prove it. We don’t cling to every move of his jet or every drop of anchor from his yacht for the same reasons paparazzi follow Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox to the summit of Everest and back. We do this because watching Tiger Woods play golf is watching something that will never be repeated. Say what you will about his imperfections, he has a few, but from a purely sporting point of view, it’s irresistible.

And yet, despite our affliction, our Big Cat fever cannot hold a candle of sanctuary to KOTV, the local Oklahoma CBS affiliate that sent a literal news helicopter to document Woods’ workout in Southern Hills on Thursday. Behold the quivering, grainy, magnified madness.

Do you think we are sick? We have nothing on this. News helicopters are normally reserved for police chases, traffic reports, weather, etc. In all our years of watching golf (and, to a lesser extent, the news), this is the first time we’ve seen a helicopter hijacked to cover practice while on a reconnaissance trip for a golf tournament. golf that a player may or may not play. It’s one thing to pull out your phone and grab a quick clip for Twitter. It’s another to GET TO CHOPPAH! But that’s just the Tiger Woods effect.