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And finally tonight at Nine News Adelaide and a story about a hot air balloon making an emergency landing:

WILL MCDONALD: As reported by Mimi Becker, the 12 passengers on board were not seriously injured…

MIMI BECKER: It may be a few months before we find out why this balloon had to make a forced landing…

– Nine Afternoon News (Adelaide), April 20, 2022

Oh dear.

And with the news feed frozen, Nine News Adelaide also had to make an emergency landing, first airing 10 minutes of adverts and then airing a lifestyle show, Hello SA.

And then, at 6 p.m., Nine News Adelaide did the unthinkable and aired the Melbourne Newscast:

ANNOUNCER: This is Melbourne’s Nine News with Peter Hitchener.

– Nine News (Melbourne), April 20, 2022

And for the next hour, viewers in South Australia were treated to news that:

STEPHANIE ANDERSON: …Victorians won’t have to be double-dosed or check in by QR code at pubs, cafes and restaurants.

– Nine News (Melbourne), April 20, 2022

And a story about the opening of an exhibition on Ancient Greece at the Melbourne Museum.
And if viewers in Adelaide weren’t seeing red then, there was also the horror of Victorian times:

LIVINIA NIXON: Around town, Yarra Glen was our coldest spot overnight with a low of five…

– Nine News (Melbourne), April 20, 2022

Unsurprisingly, Adelaides were furious, taking to Nine’s Facebook page in droves:

MATTHEW NORRIS: I thought we were all transported to the Socialist Republic of Victoria!

GALE RUST: Please God come back soon. Watching the news from Melbourne is painful!

STEVIE BRIGGS: You can stick your Melbourne news where the sun doesn’t shine, that’s Adelaide!

– Facebook, 9News Adelaide, 20 April 2022

Take that, Melbourne!

But viewers were able to breathe a sigh of relief when the local newsreader later returned to explain and apologize:

BRENTON RAGLESS: You’ve probably noticed that unfortunately we weren’t able to air our 6:00 pm newscast tonight due to major technical issues. But we’ll be back as usual tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

– Nine News Alert (Adelaide), April 20, 2022