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Bill proposed to Legislature for prison overcrowding raises concerns in county jails – METRO


A proposed bill would require anyone convicted of Class 3, 3A and 4 felonies or if a prison term is less than one year to be incarcerated in county jails instead of Nebraska jails.


HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – LB921 would require all those convicted of Class 3, Class 3A, and Class 4 felonies or if a prison term is less than one year to be housed in county jails instead of Nebraska jails.

While the bill aims to address overcrowding at the state level, counties, like Adams, are already making sure there are enough beds for their current inmates.

Adams County Sheriff John Rust said their county jail, currently, is nearly full and must house its inmates in other county jails.

He noted that the cost of housing their inmates in outside facilities is not cheap, and if LB921 is approved, it could result in an even higher price tag for the county.

“There is already a heavy burden on the county with the new jail that should help with that, but in turn, if that happened, it could even cause even our facility to have problems again,” said Rust.

Rust also said that if the bill passes, the property tax for Adams County residents could increase.

Local4 News also reached out to Senator Steve Lathrop, who featured LB921. Although he was unable to speak in person, he made a brief statement:

“LB921 is one of two viable approaches to reducing prison overcrowding in Nebraska. I appreciate Senator John Cavanaugh’s decision to prioritize the bill. I look forward to the debate.

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