Brazil reports cases of Candida auris in Pernambuco

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The National Health Surveillance Agency – Anvisa this week reported the third outbreak of candida auris in Brazil.


The 2 cases occurred in a hospital in Pernambuco (PE). Isolates of urine specimens from a 38-year-old male patient and a 70-year-old female patient admitted to a hospital in Pernambuco.

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On 01/11/2022, Anvisa was informed of the confirmation of the first case and on 01/13/2022 the second case was confirmed.

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The identifications were confirmed by the reference laboratory–the Central Public Health Laboratory.

  • Since the identification of the suspected cases, the hospital has established precautionary measures and taken measures to prevent and control the epidemic.
  • The Pernambuco State Infection Prevention and Control Coordination was informed of the suspected case, carried out a technical visit to the hospital and provides advice, monitors the epidemic and supports prevention and control actions infections.
  • The national working group has been activated and several monitoring, control, prevention and control actions have been intensified.
  • The epidemiological survey is already being organized and will be carried out by the Centers for Strategic Health Monitoring Information (Cievs) and by the Epi SUS (Epidemiology Applied to the services of the Unified Health System – SUS).
  • CGLAB is monitoring and supporting laboratory investigation of the outbreak.
  • Reference laboratories – Lacens of Pernambuco and Bahia support the analysis of samples sent by the hospital laboratory.
  • The L emi of the EPM/Unifesp is already preparing the sequencing of the isolates.
  • Anvisa monitors actions related to the epidemic, articulates with those involved and supports the actions of the national task force.

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