Cabrillo High School Aquarium Unveils New Exhibit

VANDENBERG VILLAGE, Calif. — The Cabrillo High School Aquarium has unveiled its new Coastal Splash exhibit, a 15-foot-long wave tank to demonstrate the dynamic coastal surf zone.

“There are lots of big starfish and lots of fish. It looks very cool,” said Lompoc resident Emma Pacheco.

This new exhibit features live animals and a splash zone.

Cabrillo High students helped staff design and fundraise for this new exhibit.

“It’s like a team party. We have so much fun sharing it with visitors,” said Greg Eisen, Aquarium director and Cabrillo High School science teacher.

The students also chose the animals that would live inside and made the Coastal Splash exhibit their home.

The exhibit made its public debut at an open house Wednesday at the Cabrillo High School campus in Vandenberg Village.

The open house also featured interactive Earth Day-themed activities for visitors to explore ways to help the environment.

“All of our students have created a bunch of activities and labs that members of our community can come and participate in,” said Cabrillo High School student Alyssa Lopez.

“The Cabrillo High School Aquarium’s mission is really to inspire our visitors to want to take care of our land and our ocean because they take care of us,” said Greg Eisen.

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