Center seeks more investment to mitigate flooding at FCT

NNN: The Center for Environmental Sustainability and Development Awareness (CESDA) has called for more investment from government and private organizations to mitigate possible flooding in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

CESDA made the call in Abuja in a statement from the stakeholder roundtable held to review NiMet’s annual flood outlook for 2022.

According to the release, such collective efforts to invest in cleanup and creating proper channels for erosion within the FCT will save lives and property during the rainy season.

“The rainy season is characterized by flooding in most towns in Nigeria; Abuja in the federal capital inclusive. When this happens, streets and sewers are covered in floodwater, endangering the lives of commuters and other road users.

“Lives and property worth hundreds of millions of naira are believed to have been lost to the floods every year. Nevertheless, many factors are responsible for this threat which can be categorized into two: human and natural causes.

“The human cause of the floods is attributed to the indiscriminate dumping of garbage into the sewers, the erection of buildings over the sewer lines and other similar human activities and the release of excess water from dams , among others,” he said.

According to him, the natural cause includes excessive rainfall which often leads to overflowing of river banks.

The statement said participants believed corporations could help by addressing the issue as part of their corporate social responsibilities.

Participants encouraged the government to provide more garbage dumps and recycling centers in various cities.

“The meeting also emphasized the multi-stakeholder approach where agencies will come together on the issue; also to reform and legislate with a strong political will to implement to curb or reduce the problem of floods in Nigeria.

“The meeting suggested the need for an Advocacy Technical Committee (ATT) which should be deployed on advocacy visits to relevant agencies to further deepen the conversation.

“State and local governments are also responsible for taking the issue seriously and must not leave it in the hands of the federal central government; flooding is in the concurrent list of the constitution,” he said.

Participants said there was a need for mass awareness and education about the effects of flooding and what could be done at the community level to prevent or reduce their effects.

They agreed that government media organizations, in particular; Nigeria News Agency; Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN); the National Guidance Agency (NOA) and the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA); should be taken up in future discussions.