Cleveland News Station Launches New Segment

What day are we in quarantine? The answer is not always clear.

Minutes, hours, days and weeks all seem to merge together in quarantine. It doesn’t help that all non-essential workers are now doing their jobs from home, without having to dress up for the office.

Fortunately, news station FOX8 in Cleveland, Ohio now offers a hilarious segment every morning that lets people know what day of the week it really is.

” What day is it ? With Todd Meany” became a viral hit. It not only helps people remember what day of the week it is, but Meany’s deadpan delivery gives people a well-deserved smile.

The segment begins as usual with the anchors reminding people that it’s “time for the most important question in the morning.”

Last MondayMeany looked at the calendar and was clearly disappointed to announce that it was indeed the start of the work week.

At Tuesdayhe reacted with surprise and bewilderment.

At Wednesdayhe delivered a special bump day edition.

the the next dayhe seemed to stop caring.

“Apparently it’s Thursday,” he said.

Friday called for a celebration. Meany threw a bit of confetti, which made the studio team laugh.

Thank you, Todd, for doing such an important public service!