Deciphering Media Bias on Abortion, ‘Value Them Both’

Chuck Weber is the executive director of the Kansas Catholic Conference. He can be reached at

by Chuck Weber

As a former journalist, the distortion of reality and the distortion of truth are difficult to observe.

This is especially true when it comes to secular reporting on the abortion industry and “Value Them Both,” the lifetime constitutional amendment proposed by the state and put to a vote by Kansans in August.

As the “Value Them Both” campaign unfolds, pro-abortion industry language, assumptions and narratives are emerging.

Media Assumption #1: Unlimited abortion is a good thing and the only sensible solution to a pregnancy crisis.

Recent articles in The Kansas City Star and elsewhere have painted sympathetic images of women outside of Kansas struggling to find an abortion due to restrictions in surrounding states. Abortion industry workers have even been described as de facto social workers.

These carefully constructed narratives portray the Kansas abortion industry as the sole practical champion of women in crisis. This is obviously false. Women facing a pregnancy crisis experience raw fear. They need and deserve genuine, compassionate advocates to walk with them. Pregnancy care centers help fill this need but are largely overlooked.

Let’s be clear: employees of the abortion industry are not de facto “social workers”. There are no pregnancy resource centers in the abortion industry offering life skills training, basics like food and diapers, or referrals to genuine social service resources . The main job of abortion workers is to get pregnant women to line up for an abortion.

News Media Assumption #2: Becoming an abortion destination in Kansas is a good thing.

After years of steady decline, the abortion rate in Kansas in 2020 jumped almost 10%. Kansas abortion clinics now perform more than half of the state’s abortions on residents of neighboring states.

Kansans from all political and cultural backgrounds find these developments surprising and disturbing. Conversely, pro-abortion industry news media see Kansas as a laudable “sanctuary” and “refuge” for the abortion industry.

Here are some of the things you rarely – if ever – see reported in the secular news media about abortion in Kansas and the “Value Them Both” amendment.

Unless Kansas voters approve of “Value Them Both,” the abortion industry in Kansas will be free to operate with virtually no limits or regulations. Any abortion law must be “deemed unconstitutional” by the courts.

Although the passage of “Value Them Both” does not ban abortion, it does allow the people of Kansas – through their duly elected representatives – to impose limits on the abortion industry. Women and their babies need and deserve these protections. We must work for a culture where all life is precious and worthy of its fundamental dignity.

When reading secular news articles on abortion, watch out for biased reporting to discern the truth. Go online at: for the facts or to schedule a “Value Them Both” presentation for your parish.