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Alcohol distributed for vote: Bar designed for luxury cars, hidden under food packets and provided until late at night in the hostel

In the student union elections, the candidates did their best to put the voters in their favour. At the University of Rajasthan, presidential candidates also handed out alcohol to young people late into the night. Alcohol was hidden under landmine packets in luxury cars and transported to inns. The main door to the polling stations was guarded by police, and the drinking party lasted all night behind it.
To know the reality, Bhaskar’s team reached the election offices of the candidates in Jaipur one night before the election.
Here are the shocking images. Students were found drinking alcohol outside election offices. In addition, alcohol was openly distributed from vehicles.
The night before the student union elections, alcohol was delivered from luxury cars to hostels at different locations in Jaipur. One by one, Bhaskar’s team reached the candidates’ office. There was a convoy of luxury cars around the office. The process of transporting crates of liquor to cars continued throughout the night. Alcohol was also sent to hostels on request.
Bottles of beer were distributed to most election office workers. A man was handing out bottles as he entered the newspaper. Name of each person and how many voters they have. As a result, bottles were donated. Bottles of branded liquor were distributed to those who had more than 10 voters. During this bottle distribution, there was a debate among many workers. Some workers took more bottles.
Alcohol was ordered from the trunks of cars from the gate behind the candidates’ electoral office. After the entrance, bottles were distributed to all the young people. Most of the youth groups started drinking as they sat in cars parked in the parking lot with bottles. At the same time, a group of a few young people turned the vacant lot into a bar.
In order to get as many votes as possible from young people, candidates started sending cartons of alcohol to boys’ homes after 8 p.m. by loading them into cars. Due to the deployment of police, alcohol was supplied from the back of the hostels. For this, by climbing the wall from dark places, they brought crates of alcohol inside the inn.
Candidates have provided food packets to the hostel over the past week. In some inn messes, food is prepared by sending in ration items. In addition to food, alcohol was also distributed at night. Bottles of alcohol were sent hidden under my packages. The students stored bottles of alcohol for several days, promising to get votes for the four candidates. For stock, liquor bottles have also been ordered on behalf of students who do not drink alcohol.

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