FG launches program for youth empowerment and lasting peace

1 The Federal government started a mapping exercise on the implementation of Nigeria National Action on Youth, Peace and Security (NNAP-YPS).

2 M Dare on SundayMinister of Sports and Youth, said Friday at Ibadan during a 2-day workshop and mapping exercise on the implementation of the NNAP-YPS.

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3 News Agency of Nigeria reports that the workshop was organized by the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports in collaboration with
Nigerian Coalition for Youth, Peace and Security (NCYPS).

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4 NOPE reminds that the The United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security was unanimously adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2015 in New York.
Dare, who was represented by Mr. Adedoyin Oyekana director of the ministry, said the federal government had engaged stakeholders to develop and launch the NNAP-YPS.

5 He said that the NNAP-YPS (2021-2024) which was developed to reflect and build on the five pillars of the UNSCR 2250 was now in its pilot phase of implementation.

6 The minister listed Adamawa, Delta, Kaduna, Plateau and Oyo and Abuja as six pilot states chosen to measure impact and collect data that would guide the scaling up of full implementation in other states.

seven “We are here today to raise awareness about the NNAP-YPS document and to map the stakeholders that need to be engaged to implement the NNAP-YPS in Oyo State.

8 “We hope that the implementation of the NNAP-YPS will open up positive and lasting opportunities for young people, including the space to express their talents, while contributing to sustainable peace and development in Nigeria.

Dare said the program aims to give young people the opportunity to express their talents and creativities leading to lasting peace and state and nation development.

ten M Seun FakoredeState Commissioner for Youth and Sports, said that the youth of any nation is the pillar on which rests the greatness and economic progress of that nation.

11 Fakorede, who was represented by Alhaja Aerat Adegbolathe Executive Secretary of Oyo State Agency for Youth Development, thanked the federal government for selecting Oyo State as one of the pilot states.

12 “Any nation that fails to adequately plan and nurture its youth does so at its peril,” he said.

13 He said the youths needed to be guided and monitored to avoid a derailment, especially at a time when Nigeria is facing so many peace and security challenges.

14 Also, Mr. Theophile Ekpothe co-chair of NCYPS, explained that the dissemination exercise would follow the workshop in October to reach more stakeholders, work with the media and begin domestication in the state.

15 Ekpo said each state is required to develop its action plan on youth, peace and security, adding that this will create more opportunities for young people.

16 “We want to build the capacity of youth, civil societies, security agencies, law enforcement, judiciary, legislature, government agencies, religious and traditional leaders on YPS.

17 “We want to build their capacity on YPS, human rights, rule of law and justice for all.

18 “We also want to support young people with a small grant.

19 We want to support youth organizations, especially those at the community level, to implement their plan, activities and innovations,” he said.

NAN reports that another outcome of the launch of UNSCR 2250 in Nigeria and the ensuing 2017 National YPS Consultative Conference was the call from stakeholders to develop an NNAP-YPS.

Subsequently, the NNAP-YPS was submitted to an affirmation meeting on August 27, 2021 and later launched on November 1, 2021 by the federal government.

NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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