Forecast for Saturday evening May 21

Another classic May day with sea fog and erratic sunshine. Temperatures ranged from cool mid-60s near the coast to balmy 70s and 80s further inland. We expect another mild night with more fog pushing slowly inland and overnight lows in the 50s and possibly upper 40s. Although the drizzle is not widespread, a few drops could be shed early in the morning. For Sunday look for more morning clouds along the coast with slow clearing. We can even see some of our beaches covered in clouds almost all day.

Looking ahead, better clearing is expected at the start of the new work week, accompanied by some mild warming. Although the fog is not expected to clear, most areas along the coast should clear sooner. Inland regions will heat up in the upper 80s and even the lower 90s. We don’t see much threat of significant winds, but the afternoons and evenings could be a bit gusty towards the western end of the Gaviota coast. If wind advisories are posted by the weather service, we will notify you immediately. Our forecast models are a bit at odds around Memorial Day weekend. We are going with cooler weather and more sea clouds. However, perhaps a forecast model sees a warming trend. We’ll have to watch the variables closely and iron out the details as we head into next week.