HERStory has been made! Texas News Station launches first team of all-black, all-female news anchors

A Central Texas NBC-affiliated station is making history after launching the first team of all-black, all-female news anchors.

On Monday, May 2, KCEN presented the official list of presenters for Texas today, which serves Temple, Waco, Killeen and surrounding areas. Made up of Jasmine Caldwell, Taheshah Moise, and meteorologist Ashley Carterthe three women form the first-ever team of all-black, all-female news anchors in the station — and likely the nation — My San Antonio reports.

Late last month, Caldwell took to Twitter to share the historic news.

Growing up with the dream of being a news anchor, Caldwell never expected to see an all-black anchor team in her lifetime.

“Growing up, I always saw all-white news anchors,” Caldwell said. “I didn’t think there would ever be black newscasts.”

“I knew there was always room for one, but I didn’t think I would see three African Americans – male or female – permanently, all at the same time. Not at all.”

Since their debut, the ladies have been gaining momentum and making headlines for their historic television debut. It’s a bold statement for the network, which Caldwell said had a diversity issue when she joined the team five years ago.

“When I came to KCEN in 2017, we didn’t have African American anchors. It was completely different,” Caldwell said. Told KCEN.

It’s a dream come true for women who remember feeling unrepresented in the news they grew up watching.

“I just think back to when I was a young girl watching the news with my parents and I never saw anyone who looked like me,” Moise said. “If I did, they were outside reporting in the cold.”

“It didn’t strike me when no one really looked like me, like the people I watched growing up,” Carter added. “But as I started doing it, people started pointing out, how there weren’t a lot of women who are black and make the weather.”

“It kind of added to the responsibility of, OK, I didn’t see it growing up, and now the little girls in this area are going to see me when they wake up, and now it can become a reality.”

Jasmine Caldwell, Taheshah Moise and Ashley Carter take the Texas today airwaves Monday to Friday from 4:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.