How Discovery Poland’s news channel is covering the Ukraine invasion

As Russia’s aggression against Ukraine escalates, Discovery-owned Polish news channel TVN24 is working around the clock to bring news and information to the nation that shares a border with Israel. Ukraine.

“As the world watches Russia invade Ukraine, for us and for our viewers, this is not just the story of a senseless and inhumane invasion on a European country, it is the story of our neighbors. and friends,” said TVN24’s deputy editor. chef Brygida Grysiak, who is currently in Poland, said Variety in an interview on Saturday. “People we’ve known for years, worked with for years, here in Poland and in Ukraine.”

Grysiak said TVN24 has been broadcasting live without interruption since Russia invaded the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on Wednesday, with on-the-ground teams stationed in Kyiv and Lviv in Ukraine, as well as Moscow in Russia.

“On the first day of the invasion, Wednesday evening, although TVN24, our cable news channel, regularly covers 60% of households, we were the most watched channel in Poland,” she said. “So people really need this information. It’s not just that they need this information, but they need to be together in this situation with Ukrainians and the Ukrainian community here in Poland and with other Poles, to help them.

On Saturday, Grysiak said TVN24 had started the “significant” movement of broadcasting the Ukrainian media group’s “United News” program “for free and for everyone” live on the TVN24 GO and TVN Play OTT platforms. “I would say it’s our little sign of solidarity for [Ukrainian] journalists, our solidarity with them.

In addition to the local TVN24 team in Poland and on-site correspondents Wojciech Bojanowski in Kyiv and Konrad Borusiewicz in Lviv, Grysiak said it was of utmost importance for the cable news channel to work closely with his Ukrainian colleagues “mostly” in coverage, especially dispelling “misinformation” from Russia.

“They are very important to us. They report what they see and experience there, apart from our people from TVN24… There is so much misinformation about the invasion,” Grysiak said. “We do a lot of fact-checking, it’s crucial for war reporting. There is Russian misinformation, much of it from their country. So, in cooperation with our Ukrainian colleagues and journalists from all over the world, checking what they hear and see. We do too. We have our special platform [TVN24], who is responsible. So that’s also a big part of our job now.

Grysiak says TVN24 posted “dozens” of TV crews near the Polish-Ukrainian border to report on the influx of refugees entering the country.

“We cover this extensively, giving advice to our viewers on how and where they can help,” Grysiak said. “We are launching a special web service where Poles and Ukrainians find all the information on how to help on the one hand and where to get help for Ukrainians. We also cover huge protests all over Poland. Even now, right now, there are a lot of them, even in small towns. People just show their support and solidarity with our Ukrainian friends. It is very moving to see how much unity and solidarity there is in the Polish nation.

Amid the invasion, Grysiak says the team in Poland feels “that we and our Ukrainian friends are on the verge of de-Westernization.”

“Somehow, deep down inside, we always hope that the future will be both bright and beautiful. And we know that’s in our hands, also in our hands, that’s ie journalists,” she said. “This chance in depth at the agency, it’s something really brilliant…I’m very proud that we can talk about it.”

(Photo: Brygida Grysiak of TVN24)