IT company Wipro laid off 300 employees

Wipro laid off 300 employees: Chairman Rishad Premji says – Moonlighting is not allowed, workers cheated the company

The computer company Wipro has dismissed 300 of its employees without warning. Rishad Premji, the company’s executive chairman, said those workers worked at the rival company with Wipro.
Premji said, “It’s very simple. The workers violated the integration of the company. We terminated his services.
Moonlighting means secretly working in two places simultaneously. It can also be called a side job, but the employees keep it a secret. Many IT and technology companies do not allow their employees to work at competing companies. Wipro is also one of them.
Some time ago, Swiggy described itself as the first company in the industry to allow its employees to work in two or more locations simultaneously. Meanwhile, Tech Mahindra’s managing director, CP Gurbani, said he had no problem with employees working at two locations simultaneously.
Premji said if you define moonlighting, you will find that the employee is doing other work smartly. To maintain transparency, employees don’t even talk about it in the office or with friends. You don’t tell anyone that you work at a rival company. But, you can talk about working in a group or doing a project on the weekends. Obviously, the workers do not say it for fear of being violated.
Premji said, “The workers we fired did not inform the company. There is no place at Wipro for those who work at a rival company while working with us. If rival companies had also learned of this, their reaction would have been similar.

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