Jyoti from ‘Nooran Sisters’ to divorce

In Jalandhar, husband Kunal Pasi, a top drug addict, said – 20 crores seized

Jyoti Nooran, a member of a pair of female Sufi singers known worldwide as the Nooran Sisters, has accused her husband of assaulting her. On Saturday in Jalandhar, Jyoti Nooran claimed that her husband Kunal Pasi was a top notch drug addict. She filed a lawsuit in court to divorce Kunal.
Famous as Nooran Sisters, Sultana Nooran and Jyoti Nooran belong to Jalandhar. Jyoti Nooran is the older of two sisters. In a press conference called on Saturday, Jyoti Nooran said that she married Kunal Pasi of her own free will in 2014. Everything was fine for a year of marriage, but after that Kunal started beating her.
The Sufi singer also accused her husband of missing twenty crore rupees. Jyoti Nooran said her husband Kunal Pasi lost everything she earned from performing in the country and abroad. Now there is only 92,000 rupees left in his account. Jyoti said that Kunal used to keep all money accounts. He used to book his shows too. Even after asking several times, Kunal gave him no feedback. Kunal spent all the money on other expensive drugs apart from opium-charas and ganja.
When asked if she knew Kunal was a drug addict before she made a love match? So Jyoti said that before marriage he only knew that he was a smoker. They learned after a year of marriage that she was a top-notch drug addict.
Referring to a show in Phagwara, Jyoti Nooran said that after the show ended at night, she told Kunal that she was very tired and wanted to go home to Jalandhar and rest. After that, as soon as she started to sit in the car to go home, Kunal started beating her. Everyone present saw this scene. Kunal hit something he was holding in his hand in his head. His pain is still in his head.
On the issue of not filing a complaint with the police in the past seven-eight years, Jyoti said she believed Kunal would improve and gradually everything would be fine. When the water started going through their heads, they had to file divorce papers in court. Jyoti Nooran said now her strength as a supporter is over.
Jyoti says that after divorcing Kunal, she will return home and the two sisters will start the show again with their father.

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