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Kyle Kuzma hilariously denounces the Cleveland news station that dissed him

Kyle Kuzma has no problem laughing at himself.

Kyle Kuzma has been clowned around a lot on social media by fans, and at this point he’s a little used to taunts. These days, Kuz ignores him or cheers humorously. He understands that the key to winning on social media is to not take yourself too seriously, otherwise you expose yourself to more antics.

Recently, Kuzma found himself at odds with Cleveland Cavaliers fans as they taunted him during a recent game. Kuzma was quick to respond, and now he is embroiled in a slight quarrel with the city. It’s been pretty fun to watch it grow, and now local news stations are getting involved.

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

In a recent chyron, a Cleveland news station described Kuzmaby as “won an NBA championship thanks to LeBron James.” The news station gave Kuzma the perfect alley-oop to cheer as Kuzma turned around and referenced the fact that without LeBron, they wouldn’t have a championship either.

“City of Cleveland, we have something in common, nice to meet you,” he wrote. At this point, any Cavaliers fan trying to reach Kuz should just give up, because there’s no point in extending that beef any further. With that last tweet, Kuzma easily won the war.

Hopefully for the Wizards star, Cavs fans will leave him behind the next time he’s in town.

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