Latest from Trump today: Trump complains about carpets in Mar-a-Lago bedroom being ruined by FBI as Biden attends Queen’s funeral

Donald Trump compares his own Senate candidate to Kim Jong-un in bizarre rally speech

Donald Trump lambasted FBI agents for allegedly stepping on his bedroom carpet at Mar-a-Lago in their shoes last month as he returned to his South Florida estate, and his predecessor attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

The former president also attacked the federal office for leaving the premises in a way that meant his Florida home ‘will never be the same’, as Axios revealed why his lawyers chose Raymond Dearie, a Rumored “skeptic” of the FBI, as a special master. in the case brought by the Department of Justice against him.

President Joe Biden, who was attending the late Queen’s funeral in London on Monday, said on Sunday that the FBI’s discovery of top-secret documents at Mar-a-Lago in August had raised concerns that sensitive data had Mr. was compromised with hundreds of documents, and called him “irresponsible”.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump took to the stage at the rally in Ohio over the weekend and claimed he had coined the word “caravans” to describe groups of migrants as he dubbed them “murderers and rapists” in a rally speech under fire for his apparent association with QAnon.


Mar-a-Lago bedroom carpets ruined by FBI, Trump says

Donald Trump has blasted FBI agents for allegedly stepping on his bedroom carpet at Mar-a-Lago in their shoes last month, hours after arriving in Florida on Sunday night.

Writing in a series of Truth Social posts on Monday morning, the former president went on to take issue with the FBI and Justice Department’s investigation into classified documents found at his Florida estate, which he said “will no longer be never the same” after being “trashed”. .

He wrote: “It has been ‘trashed’ and in a very different state than I left it. Many agents – And they didn’t even take their shoes off in my room. Pleasant!!!”


A small group of protesters camp near Trump’s rally

Not everyone who gathered in Youngstown on Saturday was Mr Trump fans – a small group of about a dozen protesters camped out a few blocks from the rally, drawing honks of support as well as angry shouts opponents and supporters of the president, respectively.

One, identified with The Independent Our Revolution volunteer Chucky Dennison participated in the rally. He was escorted during Mr Trump’s remarks just seconds after unfurling a banner accusing the president of closing a car factory in Lordstown that the president falsely credited himself with “saving” in 2017.

Although Mr. Trump’s appearance in Youngstown was billed as a rally for a ticket of candidates who won his endorsement, the thousands of supporters who crowded into the Covelli Center seemed interested only in the ex-president. The arena appeared mostly empty for much of the evening, with large numbers of rally-goers arriving just before Mr Trump took the floor.

Some attendees skipped the arena altogether, opting instead to watch the president’s remarks from lawn chairs set up in the nearby parking lot to better enjoy the balmy late summer evening.


PHOTOS: Nuns attend Trump rally as crowd waves

a man wearing a ‘Defund the FBI’ shirt is seen among supporters of former US President Donald Trump attending his rally in Youngstown, Ohio, US, September 17, 2022


Republican Senate candidate JD Vance receives applause from the audience after being introduced by former President Donald Trump at a Save America rally

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Supporters of former US President Donald Trump cheer during a Save America rally at the Covelli Center in Youngstown, Ohio, US, September 17, 2022


Members of the public raise their index fingers to symbolize America First as President Donald Trump speaks at a Save America rally in support of Republican candidates

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members of the public pray for their candidates before a Save America rally at the Covelli Center on September 17, 2022 in Youngstown, Ohio

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Trump tries to smear teachers as agents of the leftist agenda

Saturday’s rally in front of an amplified crowd of diehard supporters mirrored many of the former president’s previous events, which bear the same hallmarks regardless of which city the former president chooses to hold his court. There have been calls from the Democrats, denunciations of the “far left education cartel” and other calls for a culture war.

One of the most cheered aftershocks of the night came when the ex-president insisted far-left radicals were ‘teaching transgender’ to American students, the right-wing’s latest attempt to smear teachers as agents of a left-wing agenda.

Mr. Trump took part of the speech to shout out to Maga-aligned Republicans who attended the rally alongside him – obvious guests included Mr. Vance and other Ohioans like Congressman Jim Jordan, while a few other Republicans from out of state were also called off the stage, to cheering fans including Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Ms Greene stood and waved to the crowd as a jubilant Trump curiously insinuated that the congresswoman would shoot any intruders who came to her home – an apparent reference to the ‘swatting’ of Ms Greene’s house by the police.


Trump presents himself as a victim of unscrupulous actors

On Saturday, Donald Trump presented himself as the victim of unscrupulous actors who have “harassed, investigated, defamed, slandered and persecuted” him like no other president and probably like no one in American history, despite having failed to note that no other president has attempted to block his successor’s inauguration by inciting a violent mob in hopes of disrupting Congress’ certification of his loss.

“They go to people who know me and they threaten them with prison unless [they] say something bad about Trump… they take good people, they say you go to jail for 10 years — you go to jail for five years — unless you say something bad about Trump, in which case you won’t have to send him to jail,” he said.

The ex-president also once again hinted at violence should he face criminal charges following investigations into his conduct, accusing investigators of being ‘thugs and tyrants’ who “attack” his extremist movement “Make America Great Again”. daring to ask if he has committed crimes.

“The thugs and bullies attacking our movement…have no idea what sleeping giant they have awakened,” he said.

And most tellingly, he insisted that any Republican majority taking power in 2023 would face immense pressure to retaliate against the FBI and the Justice Department, whatever form that resistance took.


Classified documents at Mar-a-Lago raise concern, Biden says

President Joe Biden said on Sunday that the discovery of top-secret documents at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate had raised concerns about the compromise of sensitive data and called it “irresponsible.”

Mr Biden said that when he heard about classified documents from the White House, he wondered how “anyone could be so irresponsible. And I thought, what data was there that could compromise sources and methods? »


Protester expelled from Trump rally in Ohio after waving banner blaming him for plant closure

A man was walked out of Donald Trump’s rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday after unfurling a banner accusing the former president of shutting down a major manufacturing facility.

Read John Bowden’s full story here:


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Trump says his supporters are facing jail for refusing to report him as he warns they are a ‘sleeping giant’

Former President Donald Trump leveled far-fetched new accusations at the Biden administration on Saturday, saying federal authorities are now threatening his supporters with decades in prison unless they agree to say negative things about him.

Mr. Trump made the bizarre claim less than ten minutes into a low-key, rambling speech to an undercapacitated crowd at the Covelli Center in Youngstown, Ohio. Seemingly a rally in support of Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance, Mr Trump’s remarks were instead peppered with what is now a familiar litany of grievances, grudges and complaints about the myriad investigations into his conducted by federal and state prosecutors in Washington, DC, Fulton County, Georgia and elsewhere.

The twice-impeached ex-president accused those prosecutors and the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 of showing “no shame, no morals, no conscience and absolutely no respect for the citizens of our country” by daring to verify s he had broken a number of US laws by trying to overturn the 2020 election or keeping classified documents at his Florida beach club long after his term in the White House had ended.