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In 2012 and 2015, Muleshoe was honored to be one of five towns on the KCBD Community Coverage Tour. The pandemic put a temporary halt to the tour, but this year the TV people were back, and Muleshoe was one of their stops. We were delighted to be in the line-up with Post, Sundown, Lamesa and Wolfforth.

The Community Coverage Tour allows KCBD to recognize small towns in the Channel 11 viewing area and say thank you for watching, but also provides a chance for small towns to strut their stuff and share good things about their city native. The format was a bit different this year and focused on morning and afternoon news programs instead of the 10:00 a.m. newscast, which left time for plenty of interviews with local citizens, touches of local history and a look at what each town has to do. to offer.

Our day was Wednesday, July 21, and began that morning with the Teacher Spotlight on April Smith at Muleshoe High School. I taught with April and was happy that she was recognized and had the chance to shine. At noon, the Good Neighbor segment focused on Brenda Butler, a sophomore at MHS.

I arrived at the Heritage Center, the site of the festivities, around the time the team began the 5 p.m. briefing program.

Part of the football team, the cheerleaders and a crowd had gathered for the evening.

After covering the community visit twice before and embarrassing myself by taking photos and talking to Karin, Abner, John and Pete, they actually remembered me! I visited them at various times during the evening. My 15 minutes of fame, knowing the celebrities. Well, that and the fact that I had been chosen as the spokesperson to talk about Ol’ Pete in an interview recorded earlier and then aired during the 6 o’clock show and later in the 10 o’clock time slot. How cool is that? I had fun. I was probably chosen for this segment because I have several Ol’ Pete stories in my book. Muleshoe bright lightsand they even mentioned the book, which I appreciated.

Angela Reyes and her daughter Clara, both teachers for MISD, brought signs for the occasion.

Pete Christy did a sports interview with Kim Chaffin, the girls’ basketball coach, and then on the 6 o’clock news he also spoke to head coach Jason Richards about the upcoming football season. Both coaches were thrilled with the kids and their commitment to the programs and look forward to a great year.

First Bank and Trust brought its kitchen cart and cooked the sausages for the hot dogs, United provided the frozen drinks and fries, manned by KCBD’s Eleah Lehnen and Charlie Whisner, and Blue Bell brought ice cream for dinner later in the evening.

First Bank also had a table with giveaways, and Lubbock’s Bolton Oil encouraged people to register for their giveaway at the end of the 6 hour segment.

The Janes Ranch House, one of the popular structures at the Heritage Center, was open for tours during the activities.

Karin and Abner presented stories that had been pre-recorded, adding commentary and information along the way. It was interesting to see how program officials told them when they were on camera and when they were waiting while interviews and taped commercials for Muleshoe’s businesses aired at the Lubbock station.

At the end of the show, local children were invited up close and personal for the signing at 6:30 a.m.

T-shirts were then distributed and many people, including me, had them signed by the Big Four.

Once the cameras were off, Abner had some fun with Karin by telling her about a comment she made about Muleshoe being one of her favorite spots on the tour!

Councilwoman Crystal Alarcon thanked the station for including Muleshoe and thanked the crowd for coming.

Bryan Morris then blessed the food about to be served, and everyone enjoyed hot dogs and ice cream as the station crew broke camp in systematic and record time as they had to be back and get ready for the 10 a.m. show in Lubbock.

This year I had the presence of mind to set my TV to record news broadcasts to find out what was highlighted on Muleshoe for the rest of the Channel 11 viewing area; they did a good job of highlighting a variety of people and stories about the city. Some things have been repeated on the shows, and that’s okay since different people watch different time slots of the news. So here’s what made the news on TV while the rest of us enjoyed the on-site meeting at the Heritage Center.

Karin and Abner started each show with information about the heritage center, inviting viewers to come visit and take a look at the historic buildings and followed with a brief history of the town. An interview with Mayor Colt Ellis and Chamber of Commerce Director Andrea Alfaro followed. The Visitor Center was highlighted, along with the Muleshoe and Dyan Dunagan Public Library. Photos and information about the Muleshoe Wildlife Refuge came next. Assistant Superintendent Dani Heathington spoke about what MISD has to offer. K&K Pharmacy and pharmacist Crystal Alarcon spoke about their role in the Covid vaccinations, which were repeated at 10 a.m. Oneita Wagnon Senior Center Board Chairman Royce Turner also spoke about Covid vaccinations at the Senior Center. Karin slipped in a trivial question about local hero Lincoln Riley and his job as OU’s head football coach.

At 6 a.m., then at 10 a.m., it was my turn to talk about Ol’ Pete. Karin and Business Manager Myles James talked about the courses offered at Muleshoe High School, such as Muleshoe Academy, dual credit courses and CTE, programs that are not always available in rural schools. At 6 and 10 a.m., an interview with Ruby Green, a 102-year-old citizen of Muleshoe, was also repeated. Hurst Agriculture’s spotlight was on Coby Branscum and his family’s farming/ranching operation. Pete Christy’s interview with head football coach Jason Richards and the upcoming season brought the 6 p.m. show to a close. MHS Valedictorian and Salutatorian Danielle Moran and Grace Leal were praised more than once during commercial breaks.

Back at the station for the 10 a.m. news, Karin and Abner talked about the great weather they enjoyed for the visit, repeated the aforementioned segments, and announced that the winner of Bolton’s drawing was Linda Tosh. His prize was a hundred-dollar gift card from Bolton’s, four lifetime passes to Post Old Mill Trade Days, four Ragtime theater tickets, and two Stampede Rodeo tickets.

wow! That’s a lot of information about Muleshoe. Thank you, KCBD, for including us on this year’s tour. I hope to see you again in the future.

To see all the photos from the tour, and there were plenty, go to

Note from Alice: This story first appeared in my blog The Bright Lights of Muleshoe on July 25, 2021. I had a fun afternoon visiting KCBD presenters and Muleshoe folks who came to the event.