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Based in Ohio FuturiMedia, a company specializing in cloud-based audience engagement, announced on Tuesday the creation of a new management team. Futuri named Tracy Gilliam its chief strategy officer and Todd Storch its chief revenue officer.

Gilliam is a founding member of Futuri, previously serving as General Manager of Sales for CBS Radio in Los Angeles, and Vice President/Marketing Director for the company now known as iHeartMedia.

“Given the breakneck pace of change with today’s audiences and advertisers, there’s never been a more crucial time for brands to leverage the right technology to create and monetize their content – and c That’s exactly what Futuri offers,” Gilliam said in a statement.

In Storch’s new role as CRO, he will be responsible for all revenue generation processes at Futuri.

“A culture of innovation and delivering solution-based software is core to Futuri’s mission,” Storch said in a statement. “We believe the time is right for media companies with a growth mindset, and we’re here to help generate content and grow audiences and revenue from new customers, partners and markets.”

Futuri markets itself as the leading provider of AI-powered audience engagement and business intelligence solutions for broadcasters and digital publishers.

Al-focused audience engagement is the practice in which brand marketers assess a target audience, create personas, create campaign strategies, and develop multiple creative campaigns.

“With Tracy Gilliam and Todd Storch in these important new roles, Futuri is well positioned to continue our record of continued profitable growth and grow the business through organic and inorganic metrics,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig.