Minutes of the meeting of the Ministry of Justice with representatives of the news media | Takeover bid

In a meeting with media representatives, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland today reaffirmed the Department of Justice’s commitment to a free and independent press and provided an update on efforts to ensure that journalists acting in the context of news gathering are protected against the forced disclosure of information revealing their sources.

In July 2021, the Attorney General announced a new policy that restricts the use of mandatory procedure to obtain information or records from members of the news media acting in newsgathering activities. To help ensure the sustainability of the policy changes, he asked Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco to initiate a process to codify the policy change reflected in the July 2021 announcement into Department regulations and put update these regulations. Today, department officials provided an update on that review, noting that the upcoming revised regulations aim to further strengthen protections for media and journalists while providing clear guidance to Justice Department investigators and prosecutors. . The Ministry expects to finalize and publish the regulations online this fall.

In addition to the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, other ministry participants included: Matthew Klapper, Chief of Staff to the Attorney General; Marshall Miller, Senior Deputy Attorney General; Anthony Coley, Director, Office of Public Affairs and Senior Advisor to the Attorney General; Dena Iverson, Senior Deputy Director, Office of Public Affairs; Julie Dickerson, attorney general; David Newman, Associate Deputy Attorney General; and Margot Benedict, Counsel to the Deputy Attorney General.

Among the news media representatives present were: Bruce Brown, executive director, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press; Steve Adler, Chairman, Journalists Committee for Freedom of the Press; Nancy Barnes, senior vice president of news and editorial director, NPR; Sally Buzbee, editor, Washington Post; Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews, Executive Vice President, Newsgathering CBS; Jason Conti, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Dow Jones; Sam Feist, Washington bureau chief, CNN; Dana Green, Senior Counsel, New York Times; Karen Kaiser, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Associated Press; Jane Mayer, Washington Editor and Correspondent, New Yorker; Jim McLaughlin, Assistant General Counsel, Washington Post; Ken Strickland, Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief, NBC; Susan Page, Washington bureau chief, USA Today; and David Vigilante, executive vice president and general counsel, CNN.