MU’s student-run news station is a great place for freshmen behind a camera | Collegetown

MUTV is a student-run organization that gives students early access to being behind a camera and producing a show.

MUTV has three different departments: News, Entertainment and Sports. Students do not need to be journalism or communications majors to participate.

Rachel Henderson is the General Manager of MUTV who helps direct students who want to be behind a camera.

“It’s an amazing thing that’s also free for students,” Henderson said. “Because it’s a student organization, it’s a great way to meet other students and make friends. To this day, the other students I met at MUTV are still some of my closest friends.

Each department has different shows and approaches to managing production. In the sports department, there are shows such as “Triple Play”, a sports quiz show, and “Tiger Pick Em’s”, a college sports show where hosts choose winners and present upcoming contests. Another show, “Tailgaters”, focuses on professional sports.

“MUTV is made for freshmen. They get to work immediately and are used effectively,” said MUTV Sporting Director David Campbell.

“The athletic department is unique because there’s no place on this campus where you can go in front of the camera and talk about sports and share your opinions. We provide the opportunity to have your voice heard and a platform for everyone,” Campbell said.

The news service focuses exclusively on what’s happening at the university unlike KOMU 8, the NBC affiliate station, which has a much wider reach

“No other video outlet covers just the Mizzou campus, so MUTV is unique in that regard,” Henderson said. “You also know who your target audience is and what your sources may be, and it’s very easy to follow campus events because there’s always something going on.”

The entertainment department provides students with a creative outlet to focus on all things pop culture.

This department allows great creative freedom in the programs produced and on the subject of the conversations.

Shows can be things like rating something, like an album, giving your opinion on another national show like the Oscars or anything and everything in pop culture,” Henderson said.

MUTV is a manageable time commitment for freshmen since each department is normally produced twice a week, usually within a two-hour window. Weekly meetings are also organized to inform people in each department.