News Station KXXV Supports Rival KWTX By Sharing News | sound and sight

Broadcast journalists are sometimes stereotyped as tough, competitive, or cynical, but most of the real ones I know aren’t — well, at least not tough and cynical.

Some of the true locals showed a commendable measure of class and empathy today, sharing something that is usually hoarded and scarred: the news.

KXXV-TV’s news team shared stories and coverage with regular rival KWTX-TV today so their KWTX counterparts can take time off this afternoon for the memorial service of the admired and respected editor. of the station, Rick Bradfield, who died on September 17.


KXXV News Director Sylvia Villarreal came up with the idea after learning of Bradfield’s death and thinking about how to show her support for the KWTX news team. She pitched the idea to the management of both stations who gave the go-ahead. “We wanted to do something meaningful and useful,” she explained. “No one objected to it.”

KXXV’s news director noted that despite often fierce competition, reporters and cameramen from rival stations frequently develop friendships when they show up to cover the same events.

Villarreal said the material provided did not feature any of KXXV’s reporters, consisting largely of stories, voiceovers and sound bites.