Nurse asks for help – asks the media, celebrities, businesses and public help to make the nurses thank you mission possible

Pamela Jane Nye nurse, aka: The Vaccinator


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‘THE NURSES’ WALL’ – a virtual gift from a grateful public to the more than 20 million frontline nurse heroes around the world and the 3,000 people who have died battling the Covid-19 virus.

Emotional nursing value? Comforting. Emotional value of the patient? Invaluable!

Mission Director Pamela Jane Nye says, “The challenge is to reach the influencers and business leaders at the decision-making level who can make the ‘yes’ decision.

There is no cost and little time involved. And given their 24/7 role as frontline responders during this relentless pandemic, why would anyone say ‘no’ to posting a thank you message for the nurses? Seriously!”

-Pamela Jane Nye

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 8, 2022 / — Pamela Jane Nye is a world famous nurse pursuing an ambitious; some say impossible, mission to create and present THE NURSES WALL – a virtual gift of thanks from the global public to the more than 20 million unsung hero nurses worldwide, and in memory of the more than 3,000 lives of nurses taken by Covid-19.

Nye aims to inspire the over one billion people who appreciate nurses around the world to post short messages of thanks on THE NURSES WALL during National Nurses Week (May 6-12). And mathematically speaking, the mission is not only possible, it’s predictable, but only if Nye can recruit these influencers with big social media followers, social media companies, and global news media backing.

“Getting a billion thank you messages for nurses on THE NURSE WALL isn’t the hardest part,” says Nye. “The challenge is to connect with the influencers you want to meet and the business leaders at the decision-making level who can make the ‘yes’ decision. And,” Nye points out, “if anyone knows the influential people or businesses listed below, please ask them to contact me.”

Using the document prepared by Nye, his pitch for success reads as follows:
• 2020 has been designated by the World Health Organization to be celebrated globally as the “Year of the Nurse”.
• Covid-19 stole it.
• Nye’s mission is to take it back.
• Weapons of recovery include the non-profit organization Operation Scrubs, THE NURSES WALL virtual giveaway, global exposure to news media, an audience recognizing nurses, and a small number of influencers who have, or can enter connecting with other influencers who can ask their large social media following to post a thank you message on THE NURSES WALL during National Nurses Week. (6-12 May)
This the video clip answers the basic questions of who, when, where, why and how.

According to Nye, “The mathematical path to a billion message posts could be Cristiano Renaldo/390M), Ariana Grande/229M), Dwayne Johnson/226M) and Kylie Jenner/223M), whose social networks alone total 1,068 To reach 2,032 billion, add Salena Gomez (219M), Kim Kardashian/212M, Lionel Messi/194M), Beyonce (171M) and Justin Bieber (168M).For 3,032 billion included Taylor Swift/152M), Jennifer Lopez/148M), Kendall Jenner/156M), Miley Cyrus/127M), Katy Perry/115M), Kevin Hart/105M), Demi Lovato/101M) and Ellen DeGeneres/96M).

Nye is also looking to recruit a company or companies with more than 1 billion follower numbers, for example Facebook, Google, Instagram, TikTok, WeChat and YouTube.

If Nye reaches and persuades those she has identified, the odds are in favor of a historically successful and significant mission. If not, she will still have succeeded by creating THE NURSES’ WALL which could continue indefinitely to collect messages of appreciation from nurses.

Ask Nye to explain in one sentence why this mission should succeed; her passion becomes evident when she refers to the report of the International Council of Nurses indicating, as of March 2020, a total of 60 countries Over 3,000 nurse deaths from COVID-19.

“To honor these deceased nurses and over 20 million other unsung hero nurses around the world,” says Nye, “there is no cost and little time. And given their 24/7 role as frontline workers during this relentless pandemic, why would anyone say ‘no’ to posting a thank you message for the nurse?

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