Philly news station roasts Ben Simmons on live TV

Philadelphia and Sixers fans really don’t shy away when it comes to Ben Simmons!

A viral clip emerged from a local Philadelphia TV station on Friday and the anchors went all out on Simmons, showing video of a trash can floating in the water and comparing her to the Sixers star.

The comment “He hit his head on the way out” as the trashcan slams into a bridge is hilarious and perfect. When local news stations start taking aim at the 76ers’ guard/forward hybrid, you know it’s on a new level with the Simmons hue.

Simmons has let the organization know he has no plans to return to Philadelphia even though he is still on the roster during training camp. This has put the Sixers’ front office in a place where a trade at some point seems almost imminent.

Simmons struggled mightily in the playoffs last season for the 76ers and heard it from the Philadelphia faithful as they were booed off the field after being knocked out by the Atlanta Hawks.

There has always been a common knowledge that Philly fans sometimes give the tough love approach with their athletes and Simmons’ case falls somewhat into that category, except there hasn’t been a lot of backlash. love from fans lately. It’s hard to blame them after the playoff disaster and then the leaked story about Simmons wanting to walk away from the franchise.

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