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Razor attack on a Maldivian minister: The accused wanted to cut the throat of Ali Solih, and also brandished radical slogans

Maldivian Environment Minister Ali Solih was attacked with a razor by a fanatic on Monday night. At that time, Solih had left by Scooty for Tafrih. He was injured in the neck and hand in the attack. His life was saved because he covered his throat with both hands. Other than that, he escaped the grasp of the attacker and fled immediately. The accused was arrested. Former President Mohamed Nasheed was also attacked in the Maldives last year. A bicycle was parked near his car and a bomb had been planted there. However, Nasheed survived the attack.
The incident happened on Monday evening. According to media reports, at that time, Ali intentionally dated Scooty. He was going somewhere. In the northern part of the capital Male, there is a place called Hulhamale. A bus was passing near here. So Solih reduced Scooty’s speed.
Meanwhile, a man with a long beard approached him. He had a razor in his hand. He jumped directly at Ali and started hitting him with a razor. Ali fought back with both hands, then left the scooter there and ran down the road. The assailant did not prosecute them. Solih was injured in the neck and hand.
The name of the accused has not yet been revealed to the media. After the attack, he was also seen arguing with people standing nearby in the local language. After a while, the police arrested him. After a preliminary interrogation, he was presented in court. From there, he was handed over to the security agencies for a 15-day physical pretrial detention.
Solih is considered one of the most capable ministers in the Maldivian government. He is Minister of State for the Environment. Apart from that, he also has prominent portfolios like climate change and technology. He is also the spokesperson for the Jamhoori Party. This party is part of the ruling coalition. According to reports, the attacker also launched radical slogans.
In May 2021, a plot was hatched to kill former Prime Minister Mohamed Nasheed. Then a bicycle was parked next to the car parked in front of his house. The bomb was mounted on this bike. Nasheed narrowly escaped the attack. He was sent to Germany for treatment. The Maldivian government has repeatedly been warned in intelligence reports that radicalization is increasing here.

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