Rocky Point VFW Post 6249 Hosts Memorial Day Event

Veterans, community members and government officials gathered at Rocky Point Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6249 for a Memorial Day service honoring the dead.

New York State Congresswoman Jodi Giglio (R-Riverhead) attended the event. She explained how the sacrifices of American veterans have preserved the constitutional rights of citizens throughout history.

“We are so grateful to all of our veterans and their families who fought for our freedoms, for our right to be here in America, and for our constitutional rights,” the congresswoman said.

Brookhaven Councilor Jane Bonner (R-Rocky Point) was also in attendance. She reflected on the contributions veterans make to the community and the deep-rooted legacy of service at Rocky Point.

Joe Cognitore, Commanding Officer of VFW 4269, delivers the Memorial Day keynote address

“Rocky Point is a very proud veteran community,” she said. “There is not a person alive who has not been touched by a veteran who was lost in war.” Commenting on the right of American citizens to free speech, she added: “Whether we agree or not with the way people express themselves, the United States is the best nation on Earth because we can express ourselves, and it is thanks to those who fought for our freedoms.

Joe Cognitore, Commanding Officer of VFW Post 6249, delivered a speech to the audience gathered at the post. He used his platform to celebrate the many freedoms given to Americans through the sacrifices made by the military overseas.

“The courage of the men and women we honor today is something that cannot be learned,” Cognitore said. “It is something that is felt deep within me. The willingness to die for our country is truly what makes America the home of the brave.

Following this speech, a long list was read aloud of the names of members of the post who are no longer alive. A bell was rung after every 10 names to honor their memory.

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— Photos by Raymond Janis