Seattle News Station plays Halo theme

The Halo-themed Seattle Space Needle lit up during New Year’s Eve and the game’s iconic soundtrack played as it counted down to midnight. Seattle residents welcomed in the new year with a Halo theme played in Space Needle. All in all, it’s pretty cool to see the Halo theme roll out during the New Year’s Eve celebrations. It was a final surprise as Halo fans might not even have expected the theme song main event to be played in the New Years Countdown. Reddit user aura_dl0923 noted that in the King 5 New Years’ Eve newsletter in Seattle, WA, it was the Halo The theme released at the last minute of 2021.

Credit @ 343 Industries

To some fans, it may seem strange that the local news station chose to broadcast Hello during this important event, but there are good reasons. The local Seattle, Washington news station using the iconic Halo theme during the New Year’s Eve countdown is nothing short of epic. Specifically, the playable version of the theme was “MJOLNIR Mix”, a heavy version of the Halo 2 electric guitar from 2004.

The news channel may think that with the recent release of “Halo Infinite” and how to organize and win the halo theme demo, it should create a good soundtrack before the end of 2021. For the music of Halos, ODonnell has created “frozen” arrangements. which looked like the passing of the games. ODonnell emphasized the importance of using earlier tunes in the latter part of the trilogy, as the music for a partial 3 contained various refinements and changes from earlier themes heard in the series. The composer wanted to “blast” the epic sounds of the first game. ODonnell described the prospect of writing new music as a challenge and a relief to move away from Halo’s iconic themes.

Every time Bungie releases a Halo game, the multiplayer mode gets tweaked and tweaked and better, but the formula remains the same. The fact that you’re only stuck with two guns at once, a reliance on grenades to scare enemies, floating jumps, and a love of melee attacks is unlike anything else on the market. Think Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, Marvel and many more sci-fi themes. The thing is, the main Halos theme was recently used at a New Year’s Eve event.

The two-volume Halo 2 soundtrack was produced by Neil Rogers. The debut album was released alongside the video game in 2004 and became the best-selling game soundtrack in the United States. ODonnell’s Halo Trilogy soundtrack received critical acclaim and won numerous awards, and the commercial soundtrack release of Halo 2 became the best-selling video game soundtrack in the United States. Artists such as Marty ODonnell composed many pieces of music for the Halo series and they have become synonymous with the Halo name. If you don’t like the show, more power for you; the taste for games is a personal matter and you should always play what you like. What skeptics don’t realize is that nothing else in games is quite like Halo. Halo is a game that works, and fans expect a high level of excellence from the game.