Sidney Park project breaks ground on new playground – PANHANDLE

“We investigated all the needs if someone was in a wheelchair, if someone needed help with their balance, and other things like that,” Park Project President Madi Wilkinson said. “We had lots of great healthcare providers, community members and teachers giving us lots of feedback on what a new safe playground would look like. We’ve taken all of those design needs and are happy to bring that to Sidney.

Wilkinson says the new playground will be the only one of its kind in the Nebraska Panhandle and will feature rubber surfacing, cement walking paths, equipment with ramps and different types of rides.

Weather permitting, initial earthwork and removal of old equipment will take one to two weeks. This will be followed by the installation and construction of the new equipment which, according to the Sidney Park project, “will create a safe space with playground equipment and floor surfaces allowing all abilities and ages to enjoy themselves. come together to foster community and play”.

The Sidney Park Project Committee announced on March 11 that it had reached its fundraising goal of $711,000. Funds were raised through private donations, grants and fundraising events. No municipal tax dollars were used for the project.

Any additional money raised will be used to add cement slabs for disabled parking on the south side of the playground. Donations are still accepted at