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Democracy is always messy – and American democracy is perhaps the most messy. In our constant effort to form “a more perfect union”, the complex voting rules and procedures put in place to protect this right (or gain partisan advantage) are understood by few except those working in complex state and county election bureaucracies and doing their best to administer this process. News organizations, journalists and editors are dedicated to overcoming the challenges of voting rights coverage.

In this 140th episode of “E&P Reports,” Editor Mike Blinder interviews Francesca Chambers, the new White House correspondent for USA Today, about what it’s like to be part of the White House press pool. and advice she can offer to other aspiring journalists who might have a passion for politics on how to advance and grow within the industry,

The hiring process can be mysterious, rigid, and full of unpaid work for candidates. Great talent can fall through the cracks simply because our current hiring systems are set up to benefit those who have both the time and the money to get through them. Find out why it can be a fairness issue

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