Taiwan reports second case of monkeypox

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The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Tuesday that the second confirmed case of monkeypox imported from overseas was discovered in quarantine at the international airport, a man in his 30s in northern Taiwan. .


While on a business trip to the United States in July, his left testicular swelling, fever and swollen lymph nodes in the groin began to appear on July 3. On July 5, he went to the doctor to take antibiotics, but the symptoms did not improve. , and symptoms such as rash and diarrhea appeared. Upon his return to Taiwan on July 10, he reported that he was suspected of having monkeypox. He was evacuated by airport quarantine personnel for medical treatment. After being evaluated by a doctor, he was told about the test. He was confirmed positive today and is currently in isolation and being treated in hospital.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the spread of monkeypox is limited and most of them have close contact with positive cases or unprotected sex, or are related to medical personnel caring for the cases. confirmed cases; Due to the gradual expansion of the international monkeypox epidemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will continue to strengthen international ports. Quarantine measures and public risk communication and health education propaganda, and actively negotiated with international pharmaceutical companies to purchase third-generation smallpox vaccines and antiviral drugs.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that since the outbreak of monkeypox in the UK in mid-May, a total of 64 countries worldwide have reported at least 9,664 confirmed cases, including Europe (7,838 ) and the Americas (1,551) have the highest number of cases and the top five cumulative cases. Named 2,034 cases in Spain, 1,556 cases in Germany, 1,552 cases in the UK, 866 cases in the US and 721 cases in France, Asia is currently reporting 1 case imported from South Korea, and Singapore has reported 3 imported cases and 1 local case.