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Threat to recognition of Olympic Association of India: Supreme Court says Justice L. Nageshwar Rao should amend IOA constitution, elections should be held by December in any case

The Supreme Court has appointed a former judge of the highest court in the country, Justice L. Nageswara Rao, to amend the Constitution of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and establish an electoral college. Justice DY Chandrachud said the former Supreme Court Justice will ensure a fair and development-oriented approach for the future of the Olympics in the country.
The Supreme Court has ordered Justice Rao to amend the constitution of the Indian Olympic Association and hold elections by December 15, 2022. Because without an election, India may be barred to participate in the Olympics.
Along with this, the Supreme Court allowed the current Indian Olympic Association Secretary General Rajeev Mehta and Vice President Adil Sumariwala to attend the meeting with the International Olympic Committee on September 27.
The Supreme Court bench said: “All logistical arrangements for Justice Rao in carrying out this work will be made available by the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Indian Olympic Association in will bear the cost.” This bench also included Judge Hima Kohli.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on September 8 issued a final warning to the Indian Olympic Association to resolve its governance issues and hold elections by December. Otherwise, the International Olympic Committee can also ban India from participating in the Olympics.
The International Olympic Committee has its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. The executive board of this committee has also decided that after the departure of Indian Olympic Association President Narinder Batra from the Indian Olympic Association, no caretaker or acting president will be recognized anymore. Secretary General Rajeev Mehta will be contacted for further discussions.
Dr. Narinder Batra resigned from the Indian Olympic Association on July 18 for personal reasons. Batra became president of the Indian Olympic Association in 2017. After his resignation, elections could not be held so far. After the warning given on September 8 by the International Olympic Committee, the current acting president of the Indian Olympic Association, Anil Gupta, also resigned from his post. In such a situation, the position of President of the Indian Olympic Association is now vacant. Today, the Indian Olympic Association and the future of the Olympic Games in India are in jeopardy. If the elections for the post of president do not take place by December, India will not be able to participate in the next Olympics.
Justice L. Nageswara Rao was also part of the Supreme Court appointed Mudgat Committee. Judge Mukul Mudgal was the chairman of this committee. Apart from Judge Rao, the committee also included former cricket umpire, Nilay Dutta. This committee has been instructed to independently investigate allegations such as bribery and match-fixing in IPL matches held in 2013. Apart from this, Judge Rao has also been involved in numerous important business.

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