Town of Huntington hosts cultural celebration of Holi

Huntington City Supervisor Ed Smyth (right) and Deborah Misir, the city’s first Indian-American prosecutor, greeted city and county officials, representatives from local Hindu temples and members of the community for a cultural celebration of Holi, a “Festival of Colors”. , celebrating love and inclusion at Huntington City Hall on Wednesday, April 6.

“We join the Indo-American community of Huntington and all who observe this annual celebration of colors, with the hope, optimism and unity perfectly reflected in the spring,” Smyth said. “We are a united community, from all walks of life, from all cultural and religious backgrounds, and we celebrate both what unites us and the characteristics that make us unique. I am heartened to see such a gathering of officials, leaders and members of our community for this colorful and unifying celebration of spring.

“Holi – called Phagwah in the Caribbean – is the springtime celebration of color and renewal. We welcome Indo-American and Caribbean communities and people of all faiths who come together to celebrate this joyous and fun-filled holiday,” Misir said.

Holi’s “Festival of Colors” or “Spring Festival” celebrates the arrival of spring and upcoming harvests, as well as the victory of good over evil, according to a city press release. The traditionally Hindu festival is celebrated around the world, regardless of religion or cultural background: it is a celebration of love and inclusion.