Trump News Today: New audio undermines McCarthy’s denial that he would suggest resignation to ex-president

Trump team repeatedly asks Piers Morgan to wrap up interview in leaked audio clip

Hours after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy denied a New York Times report that said he was considering urging Donald Trump to resign following the Jan. 6 riots, audio of the conversation has been released, which appears to contradict his claims.

Mr. McCarthy told other GOP lawmakers after last year’s Capitol uprising that he would suggest Mr. Trump resign, according to an audio recording released Thursday night by MSBC and NYT.

The audio was released hours after Mr McCarthy outright denied the NYT report, calling it “false” and a “liberal agenda”.

It came as Mr Trump slammed presenter Piers Morgan and accused him of tampering with the promo of an interview to suggest the Republican leader stormed out of the room.

New audio released to NBC News by a Trump spokesperson indicates that the interview actually ended much more amicably, with the two men enjoying a discussion about the alleged hole-in-one of the ex-president at a recent golf match.


Conservative pundit says audio is ‘epic embarrassment for Republicans’

Reacting to Kevin McCarthy’s latest published audio, conservative pundit AB Stoddard said it was a “stunning failure” by the Republican politician.

“It’s an incredible and mind-boggling failure on the part of Kevin McCarthy, just because he’s been trying to get to the presidency for so long,” Ms Stoddard said on MSNBC.

She called it “an epic embarrassment for Republicans.”

Shweta SharmaApril 22, 2022 8:45 a.m.


McCarthy expected to face calls to resign: Rachel Maddow

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow said she expects GOP leader Kevin McCarthy to resign after posting explosive audio recording confirming a New York Times report.

“I don’t want to be pollyanna about this at all, or naive,” Ms Maddow said. “But it seems to me that I expect some sort of level – from politicians, in particular – to say one thing in public and say it another way in private. Certainly speak harder, less diplomatically in private.

Still, she said she doesn’t expect officials and politicians to “outright lie” when this is taped.

“I think it creates a real problem for Mr McCarthy, I think he needs to at least apologise, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were calls for him to resign, to lie and deny that ‘he did it when in fact he did it,’ she said.

Shweta SharmaApril 22, 2022 8:15 a.m.


Trump Jr will meet with the committee on January 6

Donald Trump Jr will meet with lawmakers on the Jan. 6 committee seeking his voluntary testimony, committee sources told ABC News on Thursday.

The former president’s eldest son was a leading figure in Mr Trump’s re-election campaign, unlike his sister Ivanka and her husband who served in the administration.

ABC News reported Thursday that Donald Trump Jr is expected to meet with members of the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 in the coming days for a voluntary interview.

According to sources familiar with the matter who spoke to ABC, Mr. Trump did not receive a subpoena and agreed to testify before the panel after he was asked to do so.

Shweta SharmaApril 22, 2022 07:30


Trump groups raise $124 million ahead of midterm elections

At least $124 million was raised by Donald Trump’s network of political advocacy groups in late March, a significant stockpile for the former president heading into the midterm elections.

The collection exceeded the funds of the Republican National Committee itself, which declared nearly $45 million in cash as of the end of March, according to the latest filings with the Federal Election Commission.

One of Trump’s biggest groups, Save America PAC, has raised more than $5 million during the same period. It represents more than $112 million of the Trump Network’s combined cash.

Shweta SharmaApril 22, 2022 6:45 a.m.


Trump Jr says he’s ‘with Obama on this one’ on big tech

Donald Trump Jr, who is expected to meet with the Jan. 6 committee in the coming days, took the opportunity to lash out at Democrats using former President Barack Obama’s opening speech on the dangers of misinformation.

On Thursday, Mr Obama said it was necessary to rein in big tech companies in a bid to tackle “the weakening of democratic institutions around the world”.

“You mean doing exactly what Democrat-controlled Main Stream Media has been doing for decades!?! Yeah. I’m actually with you on this one,” Trump Jr said in a tweet.

In his speech, Mr. Obama said, “People don’t have to believe misinformation to weaken democratic institutions. It is enough to flood the public square of a country with enough raw sewage, it is enough to raise enough questions[…] citizens no longer know what to believe.

Shweta SharmaApril 22, 2022 5:45 a.m.


Kevin McCarthy’s denial falls flat as Rachel Maddow releases audio

Hours after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy denied a New York Times report that said he was considering urging Donald Trump to resign after the Jan. 6 riots, audio of the conversation has been released, which appears to contradict his claims.

MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” aired the audio Thursday night, which was shared by the New York Timesconfirming that Mr. McCarthy said he was considering asking Mr. Trump to resign.

“The only discussion I would have with him is that I think [impeachment] will pass, and I would recommend that you resign,” he said on Jan. 10, 2021, in a phone call with GOP leaders.

He added that he didn’t think the then-president would take his advice, “but I don’t know.”

In a lengthy statement released by Mr McCarthy before the audio aired, the Republican said the NYT report was “false and misguided”.

“It’s no surprise that the corporate media is obsessed with doing whatever it can to advance a liberal agenda. This promotional book tour is no different. If journalists were interested in the truth, why would they ask for comments after the book was printed? he said.

Shweta SharmaApril 22, 2022 04:56


Rachel Maddow gets audio from McCarthy-Cheney call after Jan. 6

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was joined by Rep. Liz Cheney on Thursday night. The two had one item on the agenda: Audio of a call between House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Ms Cheney, who did the recording, in which Mr McCarthy indicates there might be have bipartisan support for the impeachment of Donald Trump and adds that he himself will discuss the possibility of resignation with Mr. Trump. The call was made within hours of the deadly January 6 attack on Capitol Hill.

The existence of the audio was directly denied by Mr McCarthy earlier today.

John BowdenApril 22, 2022 04:07


Kathleen Walsh: Caitlyn Jenner, Piers Morgan and Trump are begging you to watch their rich white tantrums

Between Piers Morgan, Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner, it’s unclear who wins the most privileged crybaby award, writes Kathleen Walsh for The Independent.

As she explains, politics have become carefully calculated conflicts designed to build the national profiles of politicians and media personalities.

“They don’t really fight each other but work together to put on a show, like WWE wrestlers or the Real Housewives.”

Kathleen Walsh

Learn more in The Independent:

John BowdenApril 22, 2022 02:30


Trump Jr points his guns at Josh Mandel

Just days after he and his father threw their support behind JD Vance in the Ohio Republican Senate primary, Donald Trump Jr is focusing his fire on Josh Mandel, the race frontrunner who himself has sought the endorsement of the elder Trump in the contest.

On Thursday, Mr Trump Jr tweeted an attack ad targeting Mr Mandel and described him as “the establishment candidate backed by the Club for Chinese Growth in the #OHSen race”.

John BowdenApril 22, 2022 01:35


How old is Donald Trump? And Joe Biden?

If Joe Biden is re-elected in 2024, he will be just 15 days away from his 82nd birthday, making him by far the oldest leader in the free world.

His age will likely be a Republican point of attack in the next cycle, as the GOP has sought to portray him as senile and out of touch.

But Donald Trump himself was the oldest US president ever in office when he took office in 2017.

Learn more about America’s grizzled leaders:

John BowdenApril 22, 2022 01:30