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UAE brought back 80 Pakistanis: arrived in Dubai on visitor visa, return tickets also turned out to be fake

80 Pakistanis who arrived in Dubai from Pakistan have been returned to Islamabad by UAE officials. According to the media, these people had arrived in Dubai on a visitor’s visa, but their return tickets were fake. Apart from this, officials in Dubai feared that these people came here in the name of visitor visa to get a job and could do bad things if they don’t get a job.
The peculiarity is that these people did not even have the money to live and eat in Dubai. In fact, the truth is that Pakistanis only come to the UAE in search of employment on a visitor visa. The UAE already banned work visas for Pakistanis two years ago. The UAE sees Pakistanis as a threat to the country.
In recent times, the number of beggars in the UAE has increased very rapidly. Most of the beggars are Pakistanis. When they can’t find jobs in the UAE, they start begging, stealing and dealing drugs. Some people join terrorism. UAE officials have taken action against the Pakistanis on several occasions. The UAE had also informed the Pakistani Embassy about this. During Corona, the Dubai administration forcibly returned thousands of Pakistanis to their country.
Recently, Pakistan’s diplomats in Dubai held talks with the UAE Immigration Authority. Said- Pakistani citizens coming to UAE must have a valid ticket. Citizens coming to the UAE for employment do not need to hold a visitor visa. People coming to the UAE must have at least 5,000,000 dirhams (UAE currency) in cash for their expenses. Now Pakistan has also started issuing guidelines for people traveling from the United Arab Emirates to Pakistan.
Pakistan’s economy is in bad shape. There are no jobs in the country. This is the reason why Pakistanis travel to other countries to find employment.

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