Zac Brown says divisive media no longer reports what’s going on: ‘It’s like sipping poison’

Zac Brown has had enough of the news.

In a new interview with rolling stone, Zac Brown weighed in on the effects of the pandemic on his 250-person operation, the style of live show they are planning this year, how they have learned to manage their health over the years and even politics.

Right now the country is as divided as it has ever been in my entire life, and although I’m still a few years away from turning 35, I can’t say I’ve seen anything. like that. The tribalism, the animosity, it’s almost as if people would rather see their side “win” than the country as a whole succeed.

And while social media probably plays a big part, Zac Brown says news media doesn’t help either.

In fact, he says they don’t even report the news anymore:

“When you look at people’s agendas and how they’re going to manipulate people to accomplish their agenda, it’s very obvious and it’s hard to find the truth.

When you hear about something and instead of saying, “Wow, this is happening,” the news is no longer reporting on what’s happening. It’s about how to get people to join us or hate that person or do those things.

I think a lot of things in the media are very controversial, and that’s not the America I know.

Ultimately, Zac calls the buying of divisive political rhetoric, whether conveyed by politicians, the news, or social media… poison:

“It’s like sipping poison. You can pick a channel here and get pissed off about one thing and your cortisol goes up, and you watch this one and get pissed off about it.

We are tribes, as we were two hundred thousand years ago. Technology is so advanced that we hear so many opinions from people about things that we forget what is right in front of us.

So you just sip this poison and get energized by all these things that are there all the time. We weren’t really meant to hear the voices of people we can’t hear beyond our ears. This is how we were made and created.

It’s like the Wild West with everything we’re in right now and what it does to our — disconnected from nature, disconnected from the Earth, disconnected from the things there. it’s amazing in so many ways, but you have to fight really hard not to just get addicted and sucked into the distraction.

He does not lie…

And although it may sound cliché, we are all “in the same boat”.

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