‘Zodiac Killer’ Letters Sent to Upstate New York News Station Under Investigation – NBC New York

Letters purporting to be from a new “Zodiac Killer” that were sent to a number of media stations in upstate New York this week have come to the attention of federal investigators.

Law enforcement officials familiar with the case said the FBI is reviewing the credibility of the letters — which, at this stage of the investigation, have not been linked to any violent crimes known to federal authorities.

The FBI office in Albany contacted several upstate media stations on Wednesday after learning of the letters, and asked to stay in touch if more are sent.

The union of time, who first reported on the letters, said the letters came from someone claiming to be the “Chinese Zodiac Killer”. The outlet did not receive any of the letters.

But in 1973, the Times Union received a letter from someone claiming to be the serial killer. The letter promised a murder in the Albany area, which never came.

Part of the letter read: ‘YOU ARE WRONG I AM NOT DEAD OR IN HOSPITAL I AM ALIVE AND WELL AND I WILL START KILLING AGAIN Below is the NAME AND LOCATION OF MY NEXT VICTIM But you would Better hurry up cause I’m going to kill her on August 10th at 5pm when the shifts change ALBANY is a beautiful town.

In December last year, the FBI confirmed that amateur sleuths around the world had cracked a second coded letter sent to a San Francisco newspaper by the serial killer in 1969.

The Zodiac Killer terrorized northern California communities and killed five people in the Bay Area in 1968 and 1969.