Rocky Point Students Recognized by City Council

At the March 3 city council meeting, Councilwoman Jane Bonner paid tribute to a group of Rocky Point High School tech students who created a prosthetic hand for Anun Suastika, a six-year-old Indonesian boy born without fingers on the right hand. Anan’s father appealed on a website called E-name for someone to help him make a prosthetic hand for his boy.

Schumacher, who is passionate about teaching students technology skills they can use in many career fields, came across e-NABLE, an organization made up of volunteer members who use open-source technology and 3D printers to provide free prosthetic hands for children and adults. He thought it would be a great way to combine technology and humanity in a project for his students and guided them as they built the prosthetic hand using the school’s 3D printer.

Students worked during free time and after school to design and assemble the 3D parts into a Phoenix V-3 prosthetic hand. Since traditional prostheses normally cost thousands of dollars and need to be replaced as children grow, producing a printed Phoenix V-3 prosthetic hand is much less expensive due to its design: it simply rests on the functional wrist of a person and uses the palm to push against the device so that the fingers close when the wrist is bent.

“It’s not every day that high school students can have such a big impact on someone’s life, but these students did. I thank Mr. Schumacher and his tech class for taking on the challenge of improving Anun’s quality of life,” said Councilwoman Jane Bonner.

“We are grateful to Mr. Schumacher and these students for this project which will have a profound effect on a boy’s life,” said Rocky Point School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott O’Brien. “The enthusiasm and passion shown by this committed group inspires others in our school district, learning that in our classrooms, they too can make a difference in the global community.