Big B’s voice improves comedian Raju Srivastava’s health

Amitabh sent a message; Body movements increased and blood pressure was also brought under control.

Comedian Raju Srivastava who made everyone laugh is currently going through the toughest time of his life at AIIMS Delhi. Day 5 also on life support and my brain is not responding. Fans are praying for a speedy recovery.
On the advice of AIIMS doctors, Amitabh Bachchan ie Big B sent a special audio message to Raju Srivastava. This recording was heard for about 1 hour by Raju. Its effect has also been observed. According to Raju’s PRO, movement in the body has increased, but the lack of brain response is a concern.
Raju Srivastava’s nephew Kaushal Srivastava said his condition was stable. Movement has been observed in the eyes, pupils, arms and shoulders. The team of doctors is also doing their best. The treatment also gets a positive response. His blood pressure is also good now.
Raju’s family members said, “Big B Amitabh Bachchan has sent an audio message to Raju Srivastava’s phone. They wish him a speedy recovery. They say – Raju wake up, bas bahu hua, ab bahu kaam kaam I have to. Get up now…keep teaching us all to laugh.”
Nephew Kaushal said there were also rumors that he had a stroke due to excessive exercise. That’s wrong. He is still running on the treadmill. He has a treadmill in his house in Mumbai and Kanpur. He was never used to lifting heavy weights in the gym. Running on the treadmill every day is part of his life.
Raju Srivastava was exercising on a treadmill on Wednesday August 10. During this time he had a heart attack. After that he was admitted in AIIMS, Delhi. The actor and comedian posted the video saying that in Raju’s treatment, a team of 11 doctors are treating him. Actor Mukesh Khanna released a statement saying his doctors told him the movement also started in his shoulder. They wiggle their toes when they wiggle their fingers on their feet.
Raju Srivastava’s health is gradually improving. The Prime Minister’s Office and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath are constantly monitoring his health. The family constantly poops for them. An appeal has been made on behalf of the family not to pay attention to the rumours.

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