Conservative radio host tells Fox News ‘the media has overdone’ the Clinton ‘scandal’

Conservative radio host Hugues Hewitt published on Thursday Special feature with Bret Baier and addressed new documents filed by the special advocate John Durham regarding any faults committed by hillary clintonthe countryside. Although, so far, the filings mainly focus on Michael Susmana lawyer associated with the campaign, many on FoxNews and other conservative media took the opportunity to point the finger at Clinton herself, and spent a lot of time doing so.

“I agree that the media has made too much of this case. I think I said two nights ago, we don’t know anything yet because Sussman can either become John Dean or Gordon Liddy,” Hewitt said, referring to Watergate. He continued: “But I noted John Durham said there would be in limine motions coming. And Harold [Ford Jr.] and i went to law school in michigan and we both know one thing from our time there great law professors no one knows anything the prosecution has until the prosecution deploys its indictment.

Speaking at the New York State Democratic Convention on Thursday, Clinton fired back at Fox News, even hinting at what could be a possible motive for the lawsuit.

“Fox is leading the charge with accusations against me, counting on his audience to fall for it again,” Clinton said. “And by the way, they come awfully close to actual wickedness in their attacks.”

In response to Clinton’s remark, Fox’s opinion host Sean Hannity said, “Bring him on.”

But Clinton is right. There have been many said and printed about him regarding things that don’t actually appear in the Durham documents. Alan Dershowitz, who has been a frequent guest on Fox, told Newsmax that he didn’t see anything which points directly to Clinton. He also said the only indictments so far add up to deal with crimes instead of “substantive indictments.” It remains to be seen what else Durham might uncover.

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