Covid-19 News Today, India Covid Cases

India Covid-19 News Updates Today: India reported 15,815 new Covid cases and 68 deaths, including 24 reconciled by Kerala in the past 24 hours ending at 8 a.m. Saturday, according to data from the Union Health Ministry. Active cases fell by 4,271 in 24 hours to 1,19,264, or 0.27% of the total number of infections. The 15,815 new coronavirus infections and 68 deaths pushed the overall figures to 4,42,39,372 cases and 5,26,996 deaths, the data showed.

Delhi reported 2,136 new Covid-19 cases and 10 deaths on Friday, according to data shared by the state health department. The city has a positivity rate of 15.02%. Friday was the 10th consecutive day the city has recorded more than 2,000 daily cases. The number of infections in Delhi rose to 19,80,402, while the death toll rose to 26,367.

Mumbai, meanwhile, reported more than 800 cases on Friday, for the second time this month. Most new infections are “incidental cases”, where patients are diagnosed while undergoing treatment unrelated to Covid. On August 10, the city reported 852 cases of Covid-19, the highest daily increase since July 1. The next day, the number of cases fell to 683. But in the past 24 hours, the number of cases has climbed to 871 with a surge of 27.5 percent.

As the country continues to record an average of 15,000 daily coronavirus cases, the Center has asked states to ensure there are no large gatherings for Independence Day celebrations, and that everyone is following Covid protocols.

In a separate development, a recently published Canadian study showed that mRNA coronavirus vaccines are safe to use during pregnancy and vaccinated pregnant women experienced fewer side effects than vaccinated non-pregnant people of the same age. a report published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal showed. According to the Lancet report, the study is one of the first to examine the side effects of coronavirus vaccines by allowing comparisons between groups of vaccinated pregnant women, unvaccinated pregnant women and vaccinated non-pregnant women.