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Fire at Secretariat personnel department in Jaipur: promotion files of listed officers burned, police examining CCTV footage

A fire broke out this morning in the office of the Personnel Department of the Secretariat. The files kept in the room were burned by the fire. The files that were burned were related to the promotion to official officer. The fire broke out in room number 2219 of the Personnel Department of the Secretariat in Jaipur on Sunday morning. The incident seems suspicious to the police.
According to reports, the fire broke out on three shelves. The fire also engulfed the files kept in various places inside the office. Seeing smoke rising from the room, the guard warns the control room. A fire brigade arrived at the information and brought the fire under control after an hour of effort. The files were destroyed by fire.
Upon receiving the information, Secretariat Security Officer and CI Vikram Singh from Ashok Nagar Police Station attended the scene. The FSL team was called to the scene after the fire incident was suspected. The FSL team collected evidence.
Section Officer Shiv Kumar Singh, Assistant Government Secretary Shravan Singh Shekhawat and Assistant Government Secretary Sanjay Sharma are seated in this personnel department room. After obtaining information, these three officers were also called to the scene.
IC Vikram Singh said on the information of the fire, the DO was dispatched to the scene. During this time, information is taken on people who were outside the office. At the same time, a team is also investigating the CCTV images installed at the secretariat.
FSL lead scientist Abhay Pratap Singh said so far it was understood that the Wall Mountain ventilator was operating overnight. Wiring melted due to overheating. This molten thread fell on the fiber chair kept there, due to which the chair caught fire. The fire reached the files kept on the table. Slowly it spread throughout the room. Whether there is negligence or conspiracy, the investigation is also continuing for these reasons.
The Warehouse 22 Fire Department’s DO said firefighters were notified by the Secretariat at 7:42 a.m. A car drove up. A fire broke out in room 2219 of the personnel department. The fire was brought under control in about an hour. The files kept on three shelves were reduced to ashes.
Even before that, there had been a fire in Panchayati department on Sunday. During this time, the IAS agent’s entire bedroom was reduced to ashes. After all, what is the reason fires only happen on Sundays? Let us tell you that Bajaj Nagar Police Station had also registered a case in this regard but so far the police have not been able to reach the cause of the fire.

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