I&B ministry board warns TV news media against ‘provocative and misleading’ coverage of Jahangirpuri

“The mainstream news media in India have always been criticized for their coverage of events. Turn on a TV news channel today and you will be greeted with provocative, grouchy, sometimes misleading headlines. In a race to become the number 1, which amazingly everyone is on his channel, objectionable graphics and hashtags are being performed.On top of that, there are raucous debates served up to the viewer peppered with high pitched voices from the anchors and panelists battling each other with each other. Sometimes they even fight. There the situation is no different when it comes to ground reporting. There is a new form of dance reporting that was presented to the viewer where the ground reporter does jumps and other physical stunts while presenting information.

In the past, news channels have received wider criticism from civil society for their unethical presentation of news, especially when it comes to sensitive topics. Some news channels have also earned the Godi Media label for this. But so far, these criticisms have come from the people, society, media watchdogs or the opposition. But the situation has deteriorated so much that even Modi’s government has issued a strongly worded advisory to satellite news channels, i.e. electronic media, asking them to stop using “unparliamentary language “, to “make false statements” and “falsely quote agencies” in their news coverage. The notice issued by the Ministry of I&B says some news channels have “‘made false claims,'” using “”scandalous headlines”” and offering “”fabricated and hyperbolic statements aimed at inducing the public “”.

Well, if anything needs to be pointed out, even Modi’s government has recognized that sometimes what is broadcast as news on TV channels is meant to incite the public. And that’s not all, the review actually names certain shows and their titles.

Arti Ghargi explains himself in the video.

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