Karros and UCLA beat Washington 14-8 in the Pac-12 tournament

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Kyle Karros went 5 for 5 with four RBIs, Michael Curialle was 4 for 6 and drove into the go-ahead in the sixth inning and UCLA beat Washington 14-8 on Thursday night to avoid elimination of the Pac-12 tournament.

Daylen Reyes hit a two-out brace to the left field line, moved up to third on wild pitch and scored when Curialle singled to left center to give the No. 3 seed to the ‘UCLA (36-21) for good at 7-6 in the top of the sixth inning.

The Bruins will face second-seeded Oregon State against sixth-seeded California in a losing game on Friday.

Curialle and Karros each had two of UCLA’s seven season doubles.

Coby Morales hit a two-run homer to right center to give No. 7 seed Washington (30-26) a 3-1 lead late in the second, but Curialle and Ethan Gourson hit back-to-back hits . in singles – the second of which scored Jake Palmer from second base – and Karros led them with a double to right center to make it 4-3 in the top of the third.

Reyes scored on a Curialle brace in the top of the fifth and, after a Gourson single moved Curialle into the third, Karros hit a two RBI single to left center to give UCLA a three-run lead. Cam Clayton’s two-out single led Cole Miller and Josh Urps followed with a two-run homer to make it 6-all in the bottom of the inning.

Michael Snyder and Christian Dicochea each hit a solo home run for the Huskies.

Karros is 8 for 8 with a walk in two Pac-12 tournament games.


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