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Preparation to give emergency powers to the Indian Army: will procure the necessary weapons through a fast track; Approval can be given at next week’s meeting

The Indian government is preparing to give emergency powers to the army. These powers allow the military to purchase any weapon under the wartime fast track. According to reports, a high-level meeting of the Ministry of Defense will be held next week. Approval will be discussed at this meeting. This decision will be taken to further strengthen the operational readiness of the army.
These emergency powers are being given by the government to the army at a time when Pakistani agencies have stepped up their activities along the maritime border near Gujarat. On the other hand, China demonstrates its strength by conducting military exercises on the Taiwan front.
These powers were first granted to the army after the Uri surgical strike in 2016, which proved beneficial in dealing with the ongoing military standoff with China in May 2020. During that Here, the army was given the power to manage equipment up to 300 million rupees. This equipment was to be delivered within three months to a year.
According to the information, the army must buy new weapons from its allocated budget and it does not need the approval of the Ministry of Defense for these transactions. Thanks to these, the army has strengthened its preparation. Under these credentials, the Air Force and Army had purchased Heran drones, which have now been deployed to track Chinese military movements in Ladakh and the northeast.
The military had purchased Sig Sauer assault rifles using these powers. Who have now been included in the three forces. Apart from this, the army has also dealt with missiles, which can destroy ground targets at long ranges. These include Hammer missiles, which have increased the capacity of Rafale aircraft. Hammer missiles can target bunkers from long range.
The army used these powers given by the government for the purchase of the necessary equipment. The Armed Forces have a long list of equipment to purchase. In these, it is necessary to obtain national and foreign equipment.

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