RCMP ask for patience in Sanderson case

Damien was found dead of ‘non-self-inflicted wounds’ to James Smith with speculation he was killed by his brother.

Blackmore acknowledged that there had been public questions about the circumstances surrounding Myles’ death.

“I know some have taken issue with the fact that at our press conference – hours after the arrest and death of Myles Sanderson – I did not get any answers as to how he died,” he said. she declared.

“When I made my statement and answered questions, we did not know – and still do not know – the cause of Myles Sanderson’s death, and to speculate would be irresponsible and undermine the independent investigation by the Saskatoon Police Department. and Saskatchewan Serious. Incident response team. »

As is the case with deaths in custody, another police force – in this case Saskatoon – was assigned to investigate the circumstances of the death. Saskatchewan’s Serious Incident Response Team is also involved.

“Independent oversight of police actions is essential to public confidence in police actions. This is exactly why I was limited in what I could say when I spoke with the media on September 7. I am confident that both investigative bodies understand the public interest in this case and will endeavor to release the information as soon as they can. “, said Blackmore.

The Major Crimes Unit is still working to piece together available information on the frenzy, which began early in the morning and hospitalized 18 people in addition to leading to the 11 deaths.

The families of the victims will receive the information before it is made public.